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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Oct 13, 2015

Episode 17 - Picking Product people


There are several skills a Product Owner needs and a good number of them are shared with Product Managers. There are many different opinions on how the two relate or interact with few areas that people agree on.  Cory and Kim dive into the similarities and differences between the two, talk about which they prefer, and some strategies for working together.



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Product Owner vs Product Manager


PO to PM Mapping



Bob Galen - 4 Quadrants of Product Ownership



seven and a half years ago

Great episode and perspective. The difference between PM and PO really does differ from place to place. I have worked with good PMs who included me in conversations with Execs and Users, while others just communicated bits and pieces of info and not including me. Biggest dissapointment is when I don't know why decisions were made and what the inputs were. Biggest thrill is knowing I am aware of exactly what Execs and Users want, and in this paradigm I have been most successful. Sorry to hear Kim is leaving......