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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

When your organization isn't pointed in the same direction, it's really hard for a Product Owner to work effectively. You can end up in pointless discussions, working on the wrong thing, and lacking a focus on real customer value. How can we help our teams and others get aligned with the same goals and visions of the company? In this episode, Janna Bastow of Mind the Product and ProdPad joins the show to discuss some of her thoughts and experience with helping achieve an organization become more aligned and ways to check in regularly to see how it is progressing. How do you work toward making sure all your ducks are in a row?

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Janna Bastow - "Product Leadership: Autonomy, Alignment, and Psychological Safety" 
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Russell Olsen - “Shipped Is Only the Beginning: The 10/10/10 Approach to Product Rollouts”
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