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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

A lot of PO's, teams, and organizations struggle with the principles of the agile manifesto. One in particular causes so many issues, that of simplicity. Adding instead of removing, more instead of less, trivial many over the essential few. In our products, systems, and structures you've seen the added parts that build more and more complexity and complications. Why do we collectively do that? What can you do to help simplify some of those items or start with a simple item to begin with. In this episode, there are some suggestions for how to engage your focus, some steps to work toward simplicity, and tips to keep it there.
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Des Traynor - Product Strategy: Revisited
Chris Davies - Simplicity — the least understood Agile Principle
Ron Jeffries - YAGNI, yes. Skimping, no. Technical Debt? Not even.
Cognitive edge - Cynefin framework introduction
Christopher Laine - Advice to Product Owners from a Developer
Gee Paw Hill - Re-Balancing Made, Making, and Makers