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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Product owners see and deal with a lot of waste. It's almost everywhere. In our products, our process, our teams, our daily lives. The struggle is not only in how to eliminate or at least reduce the waste, it's how to get others to know and look for the waste as well. In this episode we will look at what are the 8 wastes from a Lean perspective and what can you do about them. Check out some of the great materials in the links for ways to learn to see the waste and why seeing it is so important.
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PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju
Paul Akers - 2 sec lean 
Kent Beck - XP Explained 
Fluid UI - 21 perfect examples of waste in Lean Product Development 
Learnovative - How to manage the 7 wastes if agile software development 
Alyssa Knoll - The power of good enough 
Scrum Alliance - In search of the perfect product owner