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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

From time to time it's good to reset where you are at and see how the basics are doing. It is that time again for the show to reevaluate the first steps new Product Owners can take and for others to see if they are missing anything. Also a good way for anyone new to the show or missed a few to see what the last 50 topics were to see if going back and hitting one that has a particular interest for you for the first or second time. Great to be back. 
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PO Coaching and Consulting - seek taiju
Deliver It - [50] Back to Basics
Favorite and recommended PO links & books - Taiju Consulting Links 
Freakonomics - #397 How to Save $32 Million in One Hour (@28:24)
Prochaska & Norcross - Change for Good