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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Oct 12, 2015

EP9 - We're on the road to somewhere


What exactly is a product roadmap and why does it matter to me? How much detail should I provide when creating one? How deep do I go? Who is my audience and why do they care about it? 


Channeling Roman Pichler, Kim and Cory discuss (at length) what makes a useful product roadmap, how to create one and what to include. They promote simple (and free!) Roadmap creation tools and ways to make the Roadmap visible, to the team and to the stakeholders. 


Lastly, in this episode, the hosts discuss their 3 favorite apps (games?) and the reasons why they love them so much. 



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Kathy Sierra - Badass: Making users awesome


Daniel Pink - The Puzzle of Motivation


Roman Pichler


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